Spreading the news

Mike and I told our family and friends the news of Baby Cleve in many different ways…

We sent “Happy Thanksgiving to Grandparents” cards to my parents and to his Mom.

We spent Thanksgiving with his Dad, Grandma, Brother and Sister in California. It was a great moment being able to share the news with them during our wonderful Thanksgiving meal. 

Many of my friends, including my sister, had to find out over the phone.

Gina found out when I picked a movie for us to watch one night: “She’s Having A Baby”. Needless to say, we didn’t watch a movie that night!

Some of Mike’s friends found out via a toast at Landsdowne Arms. One of the guys in their fantasy football league announced he was pregnant and they were all chatting about how he was the first guy to become a dad in “the man league”. Then, Mike raised his glass and said, “here’s to him NOT being the first dad in the man league.”

And if you are just finding out the news by reading this blog…well….SURPRISE!!

Regardless of how you heard our news…thanks for supporting us in this new journey!!

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