The beginning of our new journey

Mike thought it would be important to share more details about Baby Cleve and how this journey began. We would hate to start this story from the middle.

I took my first pregnancy test on September 26th. I took the kind that says, “pregnant” or “not pregnant” because I didn’t want to get myself confused with the two lines or one line, etc., etc.. I wanted a clear response – and I was given a very clear response within a minute. Pregnant. Mike was in Bermuda at the time so I didn’t tell him until the following week.

On October 13th, we decided it was time to go to the doctor to find out if this was real. They asked when my last period was and said something to the effect of…we’re going to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is doing okay. She proceeds to type away…size, approximate age, etc. And then gives me my first glimpse of Baby Cleve. 6 weeks old. Guess that meant I’m really pregnant!! Then she wanted to see if the heartbeat was strong.  I’m thinking, “you mean that fast little sound…that’s my baby’s heart beat??” And it was. Everything was healthy.

…and overwhelming!!

We had our second visit – Mike was able to make this one – on November 4. And our third on December 2. Mike heard the heart beat for the first time and I think it made everything seem more real. And the doctor told me I should eat ice cream to gain some weight!

Very few knew anything about our news at this point. We needed some time to adjust our thinking and wrap our heads around this major life change. We also didn’t want to spread the news until we were past the danger zone of the first trimester.

Those first three months were not a picnic for me. I was hungry all the time (oh wait, that hasn’t stopped, yet!!) and threw up quite a few mornings…afternoons…evenings…

I’ve been feeling Baby Cleve move a ton – since a little before Christmas. But Mike was finally able to feel a few kicks this past weekend. I’m telling you…it’s the craziest feeling in the world…almost ticklish. Feels a little like we’re communicating. Baby Cleve probably wants more ice cream, even now!! 🙂

We find out the sex (and all health-related statuses) on Friday of this week. Obviously I’m spending a lot of time praying for a healthy baby. I don’t have a feeling one way or the other on the sex – everyone asks me that because apparently women sometimes just know. If you ask Mike, it’s a boy.

I just know this baby is a gift.

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