And the results are in

It’s been a couple weeks already since we went to the ultrasound…the BIG 22-week ultrasound!  It was the day we found out our baby’s sex and got our first distinguishable photos of Baby Cleve. (No, there’s no name, yet, and we’re keeping it a secret anyway!!)

It was an exciting morning.  Mike was able to join me and we both watched in awe as our technician quickly found our active little baby and showed us all the functioning organs.  It’s a crazy experience and I have no idea how they can determine the heart and the lungs and the brain…but they can!

AND…she was able to point out a little something more, too.  She could only give us a 90% guarantee, but she did confirm Mike’s belief that we are having a baby BOY!

Mike asked a lot of questions and we left feeling pretty confident that we had a very healthy little boy.  My follow up appointment a week later confirmed that everything is normal and healthy!  My doctor gave me an “A+” and said I should keep doing everything that I’m doing!

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