Registration day

Mike and I went to “Babies R Us” yesterday to register.  What an experience!  That store was created to overwhelm new parents!  Actually, much like registering before we got married, we had a great time!  They certainly have many things that cannot possibly be necessary – most of which just made us laugh! 

Mike was absolutely incredible.  I don’t think he could have made the experience any more fun!  We laughed our way through about two and a half hours of registering and then had to leave because Baby Cleve was getting REALLY hungry!!  We were able to register for about two-thirds of what we will need – so we expect to make one more trip out there before our shower (April 11, 2009).

We must give some major props to both Heather (Mike’s cousin) and Cassia (my best friend) for their amazingly helpful lists.  Both sent over suggestions of items we would need (and not need) and made our experience a whole lot easier!  THANK YOU!!!

We also went to the doctor on Friday to do the infamous glucose test.  Basically, they made me drink a very disgusting orange soda-like drink (without the fizz) and watch a movie on pre-term labor until the stuff was absorbed….an hour later, they took my blood. (yes, shots and having blood drawn are my all-time favorite activities)  We did find out that I was a little low on the test (average is 80-139 – I got a 75) but need to talk to the doctor on Monday to find out what exactly that means.  It looks like a high score is more concerning than a low score, so we’re not too worried about it.  We’ll keep ya posted!

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