Labor and delivery

After our appointment on Thursday, May 28th, Mike and I (and everyone else who heard what our doctor had to say) thought our son would be born any second.  At that time, I was already dilated to 3 or 4 cm and, as the doctor put it, most women would have been to the ER by then.  That evening I had plenty of contractions, but they were definitely bearable and didn’t warrant the long trip to the hospital.  When Baby Cleve didn’t come that evening, I continued working the next day as usual.  I didn’t experience many contractions for the next two days, so we were feeling a little discouraged by Sunday, thinking he would end up being a bit late. 

On Sunday, we took about a 4 mile walk and ate spicy hamburgers for dinner.  We were just settling in for the night (11:30 pm) when some contractions started.  I had just been debating whether or not I would go in to work the following day and the contractions continued to get steadily worse.  Mike continued working and I stated each time a contraction began and ended so that we could track them on the iPhone application (yes, they even have an app for that).  In between some of the worse contractions, I would eat blueberries so that I would have energy for the long night!  By 12:30, contractions were coming every 3 or so minutes, I was throwing up, and my water had broken, so we called to see whether we should head in to the hospital.  We were told to get moving so we each took showers and loaded the car.  We were on our way at 1:30 and arrived a little after 2 am.  Thankfully, we decided to call/text to inform folks we were on our way while driving because things progressed very quickly from there!

We checked in at the Triage – the most dreadful part of the whole experience – and were heading to the LDR (labor & delivery room) by 2:40.  (the Triage was miserable for a number of reasons…and I won’t get into them here…) We got to our LDR where we were set to spend the evening using all of our newly learned coping mechanisms for pain. Our nurse had informed us that she would be on until 7am and told us to make ourselves comfortable.  She left for a few minutes and I quickly had two awful contractions in a span of 3 minutes.    When the nurse returned and saw the two contractions on the monitor, she realized that the triage nurse had not done a very good job of assessing my progression – I was much further along than they had let on.  She immediately got me on the bed, did a quick check, and said the baby was coming very soon.  She pressed the emergency button and called nurses and doctors to the room immediately as she had already felt his head!!  4 pushes later (yes, they were excruciatingly painful, but nobody needs those details) our son had arrived!!!

It was incredible.  The Lord blessed us in so many little ways – no time to even consider getting an epidural or any other drugs, no fainting and no IV!!  The biggest blessing of all….absolutely incomprehensible…Ethan Robert was welcomed into this world at 3:01 am on his due date.

He weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long.  All of the tests indicated that he was perfectly healthy.  And he was (and is) PERFECT.


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