2 week check-up

On Monday of this week, we went to see our pediatrician for Ethan’s 2 week check up.  While neither of us (and probably not Ethan either, but he didn’t say so specifically) particularly enjoyed the experience, we did find out that Ethan is progressing very well.

He now weighs 9 lbs and 5.5 oz – which is a considerable weight gain since he was born – and is 22 inches long.  He is eating every 1 – 4 hrs (yes, that specific), is growing out of his newborn clothes and diapers, and continues to take our breath away.  We didn’t really learn anything else at the visit…he’s healthy and that’s all we wanted to hear!! Our next visit won’t be until he is 2 months old.

Ethan’s first set of grandparents – my (Jess) parents – come in tonight.  We’re excited to finally get to see some family!!

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