The last 1.5 months

Here’s an overview of the last month and a half:

Ethan’s first set of grandparents, my parents, came for a visit.  They were the first of the family visitors.  I left Ethan for the first time when going to the dentist.

Grandma Cleveland came next.  Ethan had his very first bottle when Mom and Dad went out for a wedding reception.  I made my very first lasagna!

Mo – my old roommate and very dear friend – stopped in for a quick visit.

Mike and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary; Ethan turned 1 month old!

We went to Frisco, a mountain town, with our small group for the fourth of July.

Mike’s sister, Ashley, stayed for a week with us.  Mike celebrated his 26th birthday and was in his first Indian wedding (pics under “colorado adventures”). I started working half time and we left Ethan with just Ashley while I worked.

My siblings, Jen and Ger, came in for a long weekend with their respective boy and girlfriend.  Highlights were the trip to the zoo with our little cousins and a free Coors Brewery tour.

Ethan turned 2 months old (and celebrated by going golfing for the very first time) and I turned 25.  Both were major milestones! 🙂

Ethan went for his 2 month check up and is now weighing in at 13 lbs and 12 oz and is 25 in long.

Mike competed in his first olympic distance triathlon (pics under “colorado adventures”) and beat all of his time goals.

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