Pediatrician check-up

Ethan had a check up today.  I was nervous all morning – I feel like it’s a report card on how well I am doing as a parent!  Thankfully, I “passed”.

Ethan now weighs 19 lbs and 14 oz.  (Mike and I made a bet about how much he would weigh – I won!! – I guessed 19 lbs exactly.  Mike’s guess was so far off I won’t even mention it here!)  He is 28 inches long – he’s grown 7 inches in 5.5 months!

Everything is going along smoothly.  We will probably begin feeding him more solid foods next month and we hope that he’ll get back to sleeping through the night again.  Those two nights were so fabulous – where have they gone?

We did find out that E has eczema – so we’ll be getting a new lotion for him and giving him an ounce of water to drink every day, too.  He doesn’t seem bothered by it at all, but it certainly looks painful.

Other updates – he has 4 teeth!  He is learning to crawl – he rolls all over the place and scoots backwards.  The 6 month album is full of pictures of E in his crib because we find him in different positions after every nap!

We’re looking forward to a great Thanksgiving in Dillon, though we will definitely miss our families.  We are filled with thanks for our many blessings this year.

And, last but not least, let’s go Packers!!!

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