It’s been months

So as it turns out, we are pretty bad at updating our blog.  Thankfully, we’ve been faithful at adding new pictures at least.

We know you are most interested in hearing what Ethan has been up to so we’ll stick to those snip-its in our update of the last 3 months or so.

It feels like Ethan has been teething since birth, but I know that’s an exaggeration.  In reality, he cut his first tooth at 4 months of age and now has 8.  We’re suspicious that he’s teething again because of all the drool and crankiness! 🙂

E has been “cruising” around the furniture regularly and is looking more and more eager to walk on his own.  He has now thrown caution to the wind and plows straight ahead for the things he wants – our most valuable possessions, of course!  He seems to understand the words “no” and “stop” but usually grins and gives it a shot anyway!

He now stands when waiting for us to get him from his crib.  In the meantime, he keeps busy gnawing on the sides of the crib.

He’s also now tried all kinds of food.  He doesn’t seem to have a favorite – everything is dependent upon his mood – but we haven’t found a thing that he doesn’t like.  As of this week, he’s started eating some “puffs”.  Watching him try to figure out where they go when his hand is closed around them is very charming!  He is getting the hang of it, though, and uses his front teeth marvelously.

Some might say he’s already spoken his first words.  Grandma Cleveland insists she heard him say, “hi cat” when introducing him to her cat.  Mike would tell you that he’s saying, “Da Da” very regularly when he walks into the room.  He signed “more” to me when wanting more water and signed “milk” to Dad later that week.  Today I tried to teach him “Ma Ma” and he seemed to think that was lots of fun to practice but didn’t really care what he was saying it to….  I’m not quite sure how/when to add “first words” to his baby book, but I’m guessing they’ll come soon.

Until next time….

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