Silly stories

Ethan is definitely getting a personality and it’s one that I truly enjoy.  Ethan had me cracking up today and seemed to find it incredibly funny himself. 

Story #1 (the explanation of the picture): He took this large bowl and “pretended” it was a cup.  He tipped it back so far that it kept ending up on his head.  I would help him take it off and, underneath the bowl, he sat smiling up at me.  When he saw that it made me laugh extremely hard, he did it again and then took it off himself giggling at me.

Story #2 (his brilliance shines through): Ethan had managed to take off both of his socks throughout the course of his day.  He was busy playing with one of them and then stopped and started whining with the sock right next to his foot.  So, I put the sock on his foot and I went about my business.  Immediately after, he crawled into his room to play, or so I thought.  Five minutes later, he crawled out with his other sock and laid it next to his foot and whined again.  I guess his feet had gotten cold…. Five minutes after all of that, both socks were off again! 🙂

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