Walks and talks


Ethan and I have been going for walks nearly every day for the last week.  Not only is it an easy way for me to be more active, I’ve discovered that he really enjoys being outside.  He is awestruck when we’re outdoors and doesn’t make a peep.  We eat our snacks on the porch (and chat with our neighbor friends) and watch the cars go by at least once a day. 

We’ve made new friends with our neighbors across the street from us – we’ve gone on a few walks together already.  Elliemarie is exactly 5 months older than E but they are the same size.  They seem to enjoy each other enough – they both look over at each other during our walks.  We’ve also now been to the park several times and E enjoys a good minute in the swing each time before being ready to head down the slide.  He LOVES going down the slide with me!  I will try to capture it in a picture soon. 


Ethan has been murmuring “dada” while passing by pictures of Dad in the hall all week with a silly grin.  He also murmurs “dada” to just about every one of his toys.  I suppose it’s hard to differentiate. 🙂  I just figure that “dada” is a term of endearment!  He has become much more deliberate in his sign language when asking for more food and when he’s finished eating, he often makes sounds that sound like “all done”. 

I imagine the next update will be about Ethan’s first steps….

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