E news

As you probably know, Ethan loves to take all of his clothes out of his little cloth cube (this is a daily occurrence and usually takes place right after I’ve put them away).  Two days in a row he took out all of his clothes and brought out his Donald Driver (Packers) jersey and gave it to me.  That means he’s a Packers fan already, right?

E is now signing “light” nearly every day.  He seems to think he’s pretty big stuff when he does so.  I guess he really likes lights…he points them out everywhere.

We’ve also discovered that Ethan is afraid of his horse stuffed animal.  He loves his cows and his sheep and has learned to bring them over (8 times out of 10) when we ask for them.  But this horse is trouble.  He will circle around it and quickly grab his other toys around it without touching the horse.  You would think, though, that he’d be okay with it if we throw it down the stairs where he can’t reach it… Instead, he just stands at the stairs pointing to it, wanting it back upstairs.

Speaking of animals…Ethan loves to “sting” us with his little hands pretending to be a bee (yes, I know bees aren’t animals…).  He buzzes towards us with his fingers pressed against his thumb and stings us.  We yell “ouch” of course and he laughs hysterically.

E’s way of saying that he’s tired is by biting or pulling hair…he gets tired a lot during the day and is now usually taking two naps – one in the morning for 2-3 hrs and one in the afternoon for an hour.  And when it’s finally time to turn in for the night, he cleans up his toys with Dad, gets a diaper changed by both of us, and a bottle with Mom.  Not a bad way to end his busy day.

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