“Signs” of the times

Ethan communicates with us very regularly throughout the day.  We prefer his signs to his whines, but we’re happy that he’s social. =) 

Here’s a little list of what he signs these days:


-all done



-thank you (which looks a lot like blowing kisses)





-tiger (we made this one up when looking through his book with a picture of a tiger lily in it)



-bee (note the picture)




Here’s a little glimpse into what he says verbally throughout the day:

-banana (you may have been lucky enough to see his banana dance)

-amen (must hear it in context or you would have no idea that this is what he is saying)

-snack (na-na)



-cheese (he is a true cheesehead….he asks for cheese at 7 am)

-Jesus (jah-jah)

-leaves (luh-luh)

-rocks (rrrraaa)

-keys (ssss)

-shoes (sshhhss)

Anyway, it’s fun to chat with him.

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