A walk with E

Ethan pats his head and looks for his hat.  Sometimes he looks for our hats and “asks” that we put ours on, too.  Then, he stands at the gate by the stairs waiting.  Here he often asks for the “sss” (keys) and signs “please” over and over again until we open the gate for him.  He crawls downstairs backwards and then sits on the bottom step for us to put on his flip flops, which he calls “sshhhss” (shoes).  And then it’s go time!

He picks up every “rrraaah” (rock) he can, always careful to throw it back in the pile of rocks along the sidewalk.  He points to all of the garbage along the way and says, “nnooo” and holds out his hands indicating “stop”.  When we reach the street corners, he (often begrudgingly) holds our hand to cross the street.  We pass by lots of mail boxes along the way and he stops at each of them.  He knows where the bee house is and signs “bee” and buzzes around.  He also knows where the wind chime is and signs “music” when he hears it.

The loop we do is about a quarter mile, but usually takes us over 20 minutes to complete and he can never get enough.  He spends much of his day going over to the gate asking to “please” go on a walk and being told to “wait”…. There are only so many walks we can do in a day, after all.

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