For Ethan’s birthday, Hana picked out an awesome present to send to him.  She was kind of liking the idea that she was going to Ethan’s birthday party, so we decided to skype while Ethan opened his gift so that she could see how much he liked it.  Here’s E waiting to Hana and Cass to get online…


“Hana” has a picture of a soccer ball on her skype picture; E was very happy to see that. (p.s. how cute is his new shirt?!  Thanks, Gina and Drew!)


Ethan could not be happier with his “loud noise” truck and always tells me that it’s from “Hana and Cass and Adam.”  Hana drew pictures for Ethan on his card – a birthday cake with two candles – and even wrote her own name.  She’s only 9 months older than E – so hard to believe!!


Here’s Hana – could not be prouder of this sweetheart – saying “hi” to Ethan and asking him what he is doing today. (Cass and I like to send each other text pictures throughout the day and the kids seem to like it, too)



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