The news is officially public – we’re having another baby!!  We are just over 15 weeks along.  I look closer to 20 weeks pregnant, but still feel like I’m 8 weeks…the headaches and nausea are very “first trimester”. =(


Here’s B2’s very first picture.  I believe he/she is 8 weeks old in it.  Can’t believe technology allows us to see him/her that early!


Before I was able to tell Mike in a cool way, he just had a feeling and asked me point-blank.  Couldn’t keep from smiling, so I just had to say, “YES!!!!”

Many of you found out about our news through emails, but the immediate family found out in different fun ways.  A few heard the news in person or on Skype.  My Mom got 4 roses for Mother’s Day, instead of 3.  Others got these pictures:


The weird looking food in the oven is called a “Dutch Baby”.  I told some people that I had a Dutch baby in my oven. (I’m Dutch)  That was pretty obvious.  The t-shirts weren’t as obvious as I had anticipated.  I guess when my mind is consumed with being pregnant it’s hard to interpret anything in any other way…people who aren’t thinking about it don’t automatically guess it! =)

We’re glad you all know the news now and are excited to keep you updated!  I go to the doctor next Thursday and will have more to share then.

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