New Church

We checked out a new church this morning and really enjoyed our experience.  (We found it online: – “New City”)  It’s a small church-plant about 20 minutes away from our house.  Ethan spent the entire drive saying, “where are we going, Mommy?”  And we would say, “you tell us.  Where are we going?”  Ethan: “going to new church.  play with friends.” 

At the nursery, E was a little tentative at first.  We told him that if he needed us, the nursery workers would come and get us.  So, he says, “bye.”  And then walked over to the nursery worker and said, “hello!”  Sounds like he did really well in nursery and had a good time.  The ladies that taught his lesson said that he had behaved incredibly well and was very nice to all of the other kids.  I think that made us like the church even more…good to know that E liked it and that they took great care of him!

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