Doc Appt

All three (four) of us went to the doctor for a B2 check up this past Thursday.  E did not like that I was sitting on the bed; it seemed to really freak him out.  We had to keep reassuring him that Mommy was alright (now he likes to ask if Mommy is alright throughout the day).  Eventually, he just came and sat by me up there and then he seemed to be okay with it.


We had a new doctor and really liked him a lot.  Their computer was frozen, but he seemed to have my chart completely memorized.  B2 had a very fast heartrate and the doc joked that IF he believed in the heartrate theory (which he doesn’t), he would tell us that B2 is a girl.  He’s not the first person to tell us this Little One is a girl, but we’ll have to wait until the last week in July to confirm any such notion.

Interestingly, he mentioned that they might decide to induce me because of how quickly Ethan came.  He said we’d talk about it more in the future, but wanted to at least put it on the table since they will want to be sure that B2 comes in a controlled environment.  If they were to induce, he talked about doing so at 39 weeks which would put B2’s arrival around our hoped for day – December 1! =)

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