The Learning Tower

We got this “Learning Tower” from Aunt Mel (and her friend, Sandi).  The hope was that Ethan could stand in it to watch me wash the dishes or cook without complaining at my feet.  He’s still trying to figure out how to get out of it on his own…so he ends up complaining about getting stuck now instead. =)  He’ll figure it out and then it will be SUCH a huge blessing.  Plus, as you can imagine, he loves putting his “babies” in there.


1 thought on “The Learning Tower

  1. Man, is that boy cute!  I keep looking at the your pix though I don't usually make a comment.  <br><br>Tell Mike I figured out how to change the title on our website.  Now to figure out the photo transfer piece.  I need to put my techy Caleb on it.<br> <br>Have a great day and watch out for the monsoons, Melanie

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