Busy Day!

This past Friday, Ethan and I had to stop in the office for a few minutes to drop off some newsletters.  Ethan talked about going to the office the entire drive over there and was so excited to be there.  He was given my co-worker’s birthday balloon – very cool!  He absolutely loved Marvel, our Administrative Coordinator.  She had stepped away from her desk for a minute while we were packing up to leave and he said, “where Marvel?”  So, we searched the whole office to find her so that we could say goodbye.  We also had to leave a little note for “Uncle Dave” while we were there since he wasn’t in the office, yet.  E was pretty bummed about not getting to see him.

Then we headed to the fountains to play with our friends, Harrison and Libby.  Harrison and Ethan are about 3 months apart and Libby and I are both pregnant again.  We’re living parallel lives! =)  Anyway, we had a great time there with them.  It’s always a challenge to catch up while watching two 2-year olds run around, though.  E fell in the water twice and was pretty upset about it.*

He’s wearing his “silly hat” in these pictures.  He LOVES this thing.  Libby said we look very Hollywood. =)


*He didn’t get any new “owies” to talk about regularly, though, so we’re still stuck on the “owie” we got at Garden of the Gods two weeks ago.  He still says goodnight to that “owie” every night!


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  1. They are a mile away from our house and are super fun! (crowded at certain times of the day, but it’s still fun) You and Jedi can come down sometime to experience them with us. =)

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