Our Fun Weekend!!

Every year, Mike travels to Vegas with ten of his guy friends to do their fantasy football draft.  Since this tradition began, I’ve begun a tradition of my own.  My best friend, Cass, comes out to visit from Wisconsin.  I’ve known her since my sophomore year of high school and we’ve been close ever since.  This year, we decided to have her sweet little girl, Hana, join in the fun weekend!  Hana is 9 months older than Ethan (I was pregnant – though I didn’t know it – when I first met her) and they played incredibly well together.  We had such a fun time.  We took lots of pictures, so I think I’ll break them up a bit…  Here’s Day 1:

Waiting for them to arrive at the airport…


After we got settled at home, we headed over to the water fountains / park for a while…


That evening, we went to the sandbox near our house and the kids talked to Adam (Cass’ husband) on the phone…


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