Our Fun Weekend, Cont’d

Here’s Day 2!  We didn’t have to put either kid in very many time outs all weekend.  They were both so well-behaved!  But, I must say, when a time out was given…both kids were very concerned about the other.  Ethan, learning from his Mommy, said, “bummer” when he found out Hana was in a time out.


Hana is turning 2 in September, so we gave her an early birthday present.  Here we are playing with part of it:


We discovered a new park – it’s completely shaded!!


We went back to the sandbox park that evening.  Ethan was being a little naughty – he kept throwing his ball in the bushes.  At one point, he convinced Hana to go get it out for him since I had told him I would no longer be doing so!  She’s such a sweet girl!!


After a fun bath together, the kids got to skype with both of their daddies.


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