Our Goodbyes

We brought Cass and Hana to the airport on Sunday morning.  We walked them to the security line and said our goodbyes there.  We asked if they wanted to hug goodbye and…I am not kidding…they hugged each other for about a minute straight, both with their heads on each other’s shoulders.  It was the sweetest thing!  Cass and I were both so stunned that we didn’t actually get a picture of the hug (the last pic is right after they stopped hugging)…but here are a few goodbye pictures.  Even though you can’t tell it on these pictures, Hana really did like her kiss on the cheek from Ethan. =)


On the way home from the airport, I asked E if he wanted to go home or try to make it to church on time.  He shouted, “church!!!”  Needless to say, we rushed to get there and made it with just moments to spare.  Much to my surprise, though, Cass and Hana still hadn’t taken off by the time we got home from church…talk about an exhausting day for them!!

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