Mommy and Me

Ethan and I are getting a lot of extra “Mommy and Me” time these days.  Mike began traveling for work again as of this past Tuesday.  Ethan and I are keeping ourselves busy and have at least one thing to look forward to every day.  This week, we had time at our cousins’ house on Tuesday (THANK YOU, Aunt Mel!!!!!!), Whole Foods on Wednesday (it doesn’t take much to make us happy and a very nice deli lady gave us a piece of cheese – something we have talked about daily since!), Packers game on Thursday (E didn’t watch any of it, but we were very excited about it all day), and Kindermusik AND a new play date with people from our church today!  What a week!  Daddy (and the infamous Ipad) will be home tonight!!  Can’t wait to hug that guy again!

Funny Kindermusik story: Ethan asked Miss Joy if we could sing the “itsy spider song” today and everyone sang and did the motions together.  It was a big hit and E was beaming from ear to ear the whole time!


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