Packers Game

We have been talking about the NFL season starting again all week.  Ethan has been wearing his Packers bib to prepare for it!  We were also going through his old clothes to organize them for B2 (who will be here before we know it!!!) and found his Donald Driver Packers jersey.  He saw it and immediately said, “Packers!” and asked to wear it.  It was very short lived, however, and he told me it was a “silly” shirt and decided to wear a different one instead. =)

Anyway, on Thursday (when the Packers played the Saints in a game that ended up being way too close for comfort) Ethan and I ate mac & cheese and peas (green and gold) and tried to get a picture together all day.  I also got a Packers maternity shirt from my sister (how cool is she?!), so I felt like a legit fan again.


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