Snapshots from our day

In one of my favorite episodes of “The Office”, Pam talks about taking mental pictures of their wedding day since everything happens so quickly that day.  I probably take about a million of those every day I spend Ethan. 

He makes me laugh all the time and really enjoys doing it.  If he discovers something that made me laugh, he will do it over and over again.  Sometimes, though, he thinks one thing made me laugh, but it was really something else.  This evening, for instance, I was laughing because I was lying down and he came up really close to my face and said, “aw, Mom. Pleeping? Need blankets?”  and I told him, “yes, please.”  Then, before he left to get me blankets, he said, “ooh, need cards?”.  He said this an inch away from my face and I just laughed hysterically.  So, the rest of the night he thought I was laughing because of his cards and just kept saying, “more cards?” thinking that it would get the same response.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of time laughing this evening.

I took another snapshot (maybe more of a mental video) when I dropped E off at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF…or as we call it at our house, “Bible Study”…I tried to call it “BSF” but Ethan was confused about the letters and just started saying bits and pieces of the alphabet all morning) this morning for the first time.  Most of the kids that were in his room were crying and feeling very upset that their moms had just left them.  Ethan just walks right in and says, “see ya later, Mom.”  He is in the class with his buddy, Harrison.  He was feeling a little sad when we got there, so I told Ethan to give Harrison a hug.  Another boy was standing right by us crying, so Ethan turned and gave him a big hug. =)

My mental camera is snapping away when I tell him that it’s time for Mommy to get ready for her day.  He says, “King George and Rubber Ducky??” (referring to Veggie Tales) and then says, “gonna go get my babies…bye! see ya later! be right back!”  Then as we are waiting for it to load, he tells me all of the letters he sees on the screen (netflix).  He says, “ah! there’s Bob”, “ooh, squash”, “junior asparagus”, “tuba”.  And then he says, “go shower, Mom.” =)

We are really enjoying our time together.  I just finished reading a book called, “Feminine Beauty” and it devotes an entire chapter to enjoying your children.  I can say that I truly do!

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