Grandpa & Grandma in Colorado

For the past 12 years, my parents have been making the trip to Colorado every fall to watch the elk rut.  They come for family, of course, too, but the elk rut is among the highlights of their trips.  This year was no exception. 

Ethan woke up this past Thursday morning to his grandparents sleeping in the living room.  Normally, he wakes up around 6 and comes running into my bed to wake me up.  He didn’t even peak his head in my room on Thursday.  He just woke up my parents instead!  He made pancakes with grandpa and when I finally rolled out of bed (okay, it was still 7:30 am, people!!), they were all eating at the table.  Ethan just sat in between them beaming the whole time.  He was clearly very happy to have them!


He also watched Veggie Tales with them while I got ready for the day.  They had a blast!


Later that morning, we drove to Estes Park.  It’s about a 2 hour drive.  About twenty minutes into our trip, Ethan started asking to go back home.  Needless to say, it was a LONG trip.  It was well-worth it, though!  Here are some pictures of our time in Rocky Mtn National Park:


Fun at the cabin (we stayed at a cabin next to my Uncle and Aunt and their four boys!  SO much fun! Ethan absolutely adored “the boys” and played with them a lot!):


He played mini golf for the first time…:


…went for his first “hike” and felt REALLY cool (he also got very tired on this hike)…:


…and got really, really dirty in the dirt:


More fun pictures from our weekend together to come!  That’s all for now!


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