Mike and I have been feeling so blessed by our friends and family lately.  We’ve been going through a difficult season with him traveling every week and have been overwhelmed by the responses of our friends.  We are so thankful for each of you – not only for your help during this time, but for your support and prayers over the years.

I hope I don’t miss anyone in this post…

We are thankful to my Auntie for taking care of Ethan WHILE home-schooling 4 adorable, but rambunctious boys!!  She says I really have them to thank since they are the ones that entertain him the whole time. =)

Thankful to my friend from church, Lindsay, for doing kid swaps throughout the week to give me time in the office for a few hours.  Without hardly knowing me or Ethan, she jumped to my rescue when I reached out asking for some help.  What an incredible church body we are a part of and what a wonderful, giving friend I’ve found in Lindsay.


We are thankful to Miss Libby and Ethan’s buddy, Harrison, for spending hours of their time with Ethan on Tuesdays.  Libby is a month ahead of me in pregnancy and drove all the way down to our place to watch him for the past month.  He had a blast with Harrison and I am so grateful to have been given this much-needed time in the office.  A huge added bonus: we always got to catch up for a bit when I got back from work!


We are thankful to Miss Joy who has now taken over watching E on Tuesdays.  He has been loving his time with her – he gets all the attention he could possible want while over there and he certainly remembers what happened the last time he saw her.  She taught him “The Wheels on the Bus” last Tuesday.  He told me about it this morning when we were talking about going to her house.  I taught him a verse I learned from Cass this morning and he thought it was awesome – “the mommies on the bus go ‘shh, shh, shh'”.  Pictures to come…

I am thankful to Brandon and Jameson who came over last Monday night to give me some time out of the house with my dear friend, Kelsey!  What a much-needed break from the monotony of staying in every evening after 7 pm.  Refreshing.

Thankful to Miss Gina for meeting us for dinner last week.  We had such a nice time out with her.  Ethan ordered his food all by himself (“grilled cheese”).  She captured an awesome video of him singing “Jesus Loves Me” for her…stay tuned. =)

Thankful to my sweet neighbor and her two daughters for spending some time with E so that I could go and get my hair cut.  Ahh…it’s the little things in life.  He loves those two girls (and their dog, Spaz) and always asks me where they are when we are outside.

Thankful for the many times I’ve called and skyped so many of you when I just needed an adult conversation and for someone else to entertain an energetic little boy.

Just feeling thankful and blessed and wanted to share it with you all!  Thank you!!

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