Planes, Trains and…Buses

Ethan and I were blessed to travel to San Diego this past weekend to have a little vacation with Mike.  He has been working there over the past 5 weeks and we decided to fly out there to see him instead of having him fly home to see us.  It was fantastic!!

The trip there…not fantastic…the trip home…equally un-fantastic…but the time there…priceless. =)  Ethan was pretty excited to get to ride on the train (at the airport) and a bus (from the parking lot to the airport)…but the delays really wore us out!

We were delayed by about 3 hrs on our way out to San Diego, which meant that we were now leaving after he was supposed to be in bed for the night already.  Thus…crabby!  It’s not pleasant walking around an airport for 3 extra hours with a tired 2-year old and being 30 weeks pregnant. 

Here’s E at the airport on the way to San Diego:


He slept almost the entire flight.  Thank you, Jesus!!

We were also delayed by about 2 hrs or so on our way back home.  Again, instead of getting home in time for a nap, we were now hanging out at a tiny, hot airport with no seats during naptime.  Thus…crabby again!  We spent an hour of that time on the plane waiting because a young woman had a seizure right before take-off (sounds like she ended up okay…we took her back to the gate to get treatment).  After a few fits on the airplane, he was finally able to settle down and go to sleep for the last half of the flight.

Next post will be all of the positives from our trip!  They far out-weigh the negatives! =)


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