Little Stories

Last night, we were eating dinner as a family (Mike is back home this week…and maybe for a while?!) and Ethan was starting to play with his food on his plate.  He says, “that so funny.”  And Mike says, “no, Ethan, that’s not funny.”  Ethan replies with a semi-crabby look with his lips out, “Ohh, Mom!  I so funny!”  Now that was funny.

Ethan comes out of his room this morning to a very sleepy Mom.  Normally I would ask him what he dreamed about and how he slept.  This morning I just gave him a hug.  He immediately says, “what dream about?  Oh!  Blankies.”

And his prayer this morning before breakfast? “Thank you Miss Joy. Hannah. Maddie.” (these three ladies – Hannah and Maddie are in 6th grade, I believe – spend time with Ethan on most Tuesdays, but didn’t watch him yesterday…I think he was missing them!)

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