Funny Stories

Funny Story #1:

We were driving to Bible Study this past week and Ethan was chattering away, as usual.  We saw a dog sitting on someone’s lap in the car next to us and Ethan said, “ooh, puppy dog!”.  And then he proclaimed, “that’s ridiculous!”.

Funny Story #2:

Ethan looked in Daddy’s car and saw a new changing pad for B2 in the backseat.  He says, “what the world?”

Funny Story #3:

E goes to the fridge, opens it, and says to Daddy, “I’m looking for something to eat.”  Then they call me and he asks me if we can make pancakes for dinner…

Funny Story #4:

We are looking at for a new toy for Ethan.  It’s going to be something from B2 when he arrives (thanks for the awesome idea, Grandma Cleve).  He has no idea what we are doing, but certainly enjoyed himself.  We’re looking at pictures of trucks.  He points out what each of the truck is and then says, “ooh, I want this at home!”  At one point, he literally screamed out of his excitement!  He also got very excited when he would see the trucks he already has at home, saying, “ooh! I have this one at home!”

Funny Story #5:

We were eating take-out from Pei Wei the other night.  Mike and I both broke out of our typical boxes and ordered Pad Thai (fantastic).  Ethan wanted to try everything we were eating – shrimp, tofu, carrots, sprouts, etc.  While he’s chowing down on the sprouts, Mike says to me, “it looks like a mouse tail.”  Ethan then proceeds to call sprouts, “mouse tails” and always tried to make sure that he left a little bit of the sprout showing while he was eating it.  We were laughing hysterically.

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