Tis the Season

Normally I think it’s a little early to be putting up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving has even passed, but I have really appreciated it this year.  Ethan absolutely LOVES looking at Christmas lights and so we’ve gone out for a couple of walks in the dark to see them.  I even find myself wondering why more houses aren’t lit up, yet…and then I remember that it’s not even December!


We are hoping to buy our Christmas tree this weekend and get the house decorated as soon as possible (this might be more my hope than anyone else’s at this point…) so that we have it done before our newest addition arrives (which could be any day now!!).

Funny side note: Ethan asks me to sing “Hark! the Herold Angels Sing!” a lot these days…especially right before bed. It’s the song they sing at the back of his “Charlie Brown Christmas” book and he loves it.

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