Christmas Tree

Ethan walked out of his room on Monday morning and said, “Whoa! Christmas tree!!!  I got Christmas tree at Target!”  And then he discovered the teeny tiny one on the table and exclaimed, “Whoa! TWO Christmas trees?!”  He was pretty excited and still comments about it every morning. 

I promise, he loves this tree…he just prefers to pose with his crabby face these days.  I think it’s hilarious, so sorry about the over-abundance of Christmas tree pictures….


Also, he picked out his sweater vest outfit…I was not trying to make a Christmas card photo out of the event. =)

1 thought on “Christmas Tree

  1. Thanks, Aunt Ticia!  Mike said he really enjoyed seeing you all there!  Sorry to have missed it!  We'll be in touch when this Sweet Boy arrives =)

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