Christmas Lights

One of my favorite Christmas memories from childhood was going for a late night drive in my pajamas to check out Christmas lights.  In fact, we drove down the literal “Christmas Tree Lane” (I think that was the name of the street…) to see the most fantastic lights in Kenosha.  Anyway, I can still remember how special that was for me.

In college, Mike took me on a late night drive in pajamas to see the lights all around Denver.  He knew it was one of my fondest memories, so he wanted to re-create it for me.  We had a great time!

SO, I wanted to take Ethan on his first late night pajama drive to see the lights.  He was REALLY excited about it for the first five minutes.  He yelled about every color he saw (green lights were his favorite).  We had had a blizzard fairly recently, so the streets in those neighborhoods were not well plowed at all.  In the name of safety, I took our drive down some bigger streets.  Ethan lost interest very quickly and wanted to listen to “The Bunny Song” (Veggie Tales).  We spent the rest of our drive listening to the rest of the Veggie Tales CD without even pointing out the beautiful lights.  Oh well!


Side note: check out E’s new hat!!  One of our dear friends, Kelsey, made that for Ethan.  She became a pro overnight…this was maybe only her second attempt at a hat.  Incredible and adorable.

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