Arts and Crafts

Maybe this post shouldn’t really be called, “Arts and Crafts”, but I couldn’t think of a better term.  I just wanted to recognize some folks for their handiwork.  Here are some pictures (the order is entirely irrelevant):


The “Micah John” height measuring board was made by my friend from church, Lindsay.

The quilt was made by our neighbor, Jenny.

The blue “Ethan” and “Micah” were made by Grandma Cleve.  I believe she has made one for every kid in the Gender family.

The stockings were made by my Mom.  Well, to be fair, I did make the red one for Mike back when we were dating, but my Mom was definitely helping the whole time.  Mine is the green one – I’ve always loved it!  Ethan is pointing to his. Micah’s is the one after that.  Pretty awesome!

The circle ornaments were done by Ethan in his Bible Study class.

But most impressive, I think, is the scrap of cloth that I “made” (cut out and put string through) when I was about 7 years old.  It’s a work of art.


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