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My best friend, Cass, has a little girl (about 3 and half years old) and she is hilarious.  I just copied a couple of quotes from Cass’ website because I was laughing so hard when I read them:

“Hana, you’re such a comedian.” “No, I am not.”  “Hana, do you know what a comedian is?”  “Yeah its skin changes colors to match stuff.” Her parents laughed and told her that’s a chameleon and after some minor debate she believed us and said, “oh alright.”

“I got the goods, Mommy, even with my tiny hands” (referring to a bag of stuff we bought from Target).

I love that little girl!! And so does Ethan…he gets this flirty/embarressed smile on his face any time we talk about her or send her a video (which we like to do pretty often).

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