Weekend in the Mountains

This past weekend we went up to Summit County with some of our friends.  The drive up felt very long with E constantly talking and telling us that he doesn’t like our car (“I don’t like this car very much”) and saying that he doesn’t like the mountains and doesn’t want to go to the mountains and wants to go home.  As soon as we arrived, however, he decided that the mountains weren’t so bad afterall. =)

We all had a great time – no screaming out of Micah, great food and conversation, and much relaxation.  Mike and the other guys and girls went skiing on Sunday morning while Kelsey and I stayed back with the boys.  She was kind enough to run around in the snow with Ethan for a while!  That night we made homemade pizzas (and by “we” I mean Ethan, of course, since he did this “all by [himself]”).


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