Ethan and I were eating breakfast together the other day and he randomly says, “the gang’s afoot”.  It took me quite a few tries to figure out what he was saying, as can only be expected.  Then he says, “Larry says that.”  Larry the cucumber, from Veggie Tales, says this during one of the episodes he was recently watching.  Hilarious.

“I touched my bro.” -Ethan, after patting Micah on the head.  “Your bro??” -Me  “Call him Micah John Cleveland, Mama.” -Ethan

Ethan lounges on the couch and says, “Let’s watch PTI, Mom.”  (PTI = “Pardon the Interruption” a sports show that Mike likes to watch)  I said, “No, we don’t watch PTI without Daddy.”  “Let’s pretend” replies Ethan.

Ethan likes to know which street we are on as we drive around the city.  He knows a bunch of them already – Broadway, Lucent, Highway, Kipling (and he can recite those in order when we are going to Miss Joy’s house).  Well, today we got on “County Line Road” and he asked what the street was called.  Upon telling him, he immediately began counting… =)

Side note: He is still convinced that the Christmas lights will come on again.  He says, “getting dark, Mama…Christmas lights!!!!”  How do you teach a kid this young that he needs to wait a whole year before another one comes?!

Anyway, we’re loving his silly personality…it’s really coming out these days!

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