Clean Up

Every day before our nap and every evening before bed, we clean up all of our toys.  This should never come as a surprise to Ethan.  We begin giving little warnings of 5 minutes left to play, 4 minutes…etc.  And then we begin cleaning up…just like we have done every day for his entire existance.  You would think that this would no longer be greeted with whining.  But alas…this is what happens most nights/naps:

“I don’t wanna clean up my toys. No!  I don’t wanna.  Ooh, Mommy…I don’t wanna do that.”  He usually begins his clean up at this point, but starts it off with obnoxious fake sobs.  Then every now and then he’ll break into his “clean up song”.  He sings, “clean up, clean up. Everybody do your share. Clean up, clean up.  Everybody do your share.”  And then he must realize that his whining stopped, so he starts up with that again.  Throughout the whines, he says things like, “ooh, Mom!  I don’t want to clean up, Mom.”  At some point, I tell him that I won’t be helping him clean up if the whining continues.  So he says, “Ooh, Mom.  I won’t whine.  I’m not crying anymore.”  Within seconds, though, his fake (LOUD) crying and whining begins again.  And then he says, “Ooh, Mom.  You are da-mazing!” (amazing)  I don’t think he quite grasps that compliments don’t usually go along with whining, but I’ll take it!

Last night was exceptionally difficult.  He had to sit in a couple of time outs throughout the process.  During one of those time outs he dropped a picture frame down the stairs.  I ignore any and every thing that happens during time outs, but I hear him say, “Ooh, Mommy.  I don’t love you, Mom.” (he hasn’t heard the word “hate” yet…it’s only a matter of time!)  And then he says, “I love Daddy.”  So I say in a loving voice, “ooh, Ethan!  I love Daddy, too.  I love him so much.”  His response? “No!  No, Mom!  You don’t love Daddy.  I love Daddy.”

Gotta love that kid!  But he sure is ridiculous sometimes.

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