We recently took a family vacation in Florida for a week!  My grandparents live there part of the year and I hadn’t been down for a good 9 years.  This was Mike’s first time spending time with them at their condo and it was Micah’s first time meeting his great grandparents.  We had such a nice time with them!  We were blessed to have my parents join us there, too!

Some highlights:

  • Breakfasts on the porch.
  • Mike and my Grandpa golfed the course behind the condo together. 
  • Grandpa took Ethan to the orange/grapefruit grove (He saw a frog there and also touched a grapefruit on the ground. These are the things he tells me when he gets home). Grandpa took Ethan to playgrounds, the beach, for walks, to play tennis (and took lots of pictures of the wildlife, of course!)…Ethan always needed to know where he was throughout the day since he provided much of the entertainment.  He would wake up “in the 5s” and want to go see if he was awake.  I always made him stay in our room until the “6s”, but then he’d knock on the door to get Grandpa out of his room.  I would only tell him to check to see if Grandpa was up and he took the liberty to make sure that he was.
  • Mike golfed two courses with our friend, Brandon, who happened to be in Florida at the same time (how cool is that?!). 
  • Lots of pool and hot tub time.
  • My walk with my Grandpa and Mom.  My walk with my Dad and Ethan.
  • A drive down Turner River Road to see alligators (some people were illegally feeding the alligators which made us very upset, but also got us some great pictures!). 
  • The Cleve Crew all spent the night in one of the rooms at the condo.  Ethan goes to bed significantly earlier than the rest of us.  One night, we are just getting down to bed and Ethan stands up drowsily and says, “I’m coming, guys.”  Hilarious.  We laughed so hard and so, of course, E says, “what you laughing about?”  Hard to explain that to a nearly sleeping child.
  • An afternoon/evening at the beach. 
  • A date night for Mike and I. 
  • Breakfast with my Great Uncle and Aunt (they are not pictured here…oddly…but these were taken after the breakfast)
  • A salamander inside the screened in porch (after way too much chatter about how to get rid of it, Mike interrupted it all by catching it and sprinting through the house to throw it out the front door opened speedily by my Mom…hilarious!).  
  • Lots of time with the family relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Oh, yeah, and who could forget the two calls to Poison Control within 24 hours….I guess that’s memorable, too.  Ethan ate an entire tube of chapstick – no problem.  Ethan ate both my vitamins and his for the whole week – again, no problem.  AND, Poison Control didn’t call Social Services on us.  Miracles.  =D

We had a wonderful time and hope to get back there again soon!!

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