Cass and Hana

Mike recently traveled to the UK for a week on business.  Not wanting to be on my own for the whole week (how on earth do single parents do it?!), I invited Cass and Hana to come out for a few days.  I was thrilled and shocked when they said they could!

We weren’t able to go anywhere since we couldn’t fit three carseats in the car, so by the time they had to go home we all had cabin fever.  (A HUGE thanks to our friends that made it possible for me to pick them up from and drop them off at the airport.)  We had a great time – we read lots of books, played Legos, watched Veggie Tales, danced, went for a walk, tried on shoes, played dominoes, did crafts, and played with trucks.  Hana is 9 months older than E and was a very good sport.  Ethan tends to be a little domineering and is ALL boy.  Hana played trucks like a champ, but E couldn’t get enough of it and always asked her to keep playing.  He also loves playing with “trash” and his “dump trucks”…not sure that Hana really got the appeal of that!  Poor girl! =)  They are great friends, just like Cass and I.  We had such a wonderful time with them and can’t wait to do it again!!


Cool side note – Cass came out to meet Ethan when he was roughly 3 months old…just like Micah.  Compare:


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