Easter Weekend

Grandma Cleve got to come to our house for “5 wake ups”, as she and Ethan liked to say.  Aunt Ash-e-ley (pronounced like so by E) came for Easter weekend itself.  We had a WONDERFUL time with them.  We spent lots of time reading books, playing cars, dinosaurs, legos etc. at the house.  We went to a couple of parks, went shopping, and had a picnic!  All four of us absolutely loved having them here.


We also went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  It was Ethan’s first time and he really enjoyed it.  It was kind of like going to a zoo….just not super hot and the animals were right at the window for you to see.  =D  Ace and I went to “Tornado Alley” Imax in 3D.


We got some cool pics at the top of the DMNS:


We had a wonderful time!!


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