The things he says…

The other day, Micah was chewing on my fingers while I was playing with Ethan.  Poor kid has been teething since birth, or so it seems.  Ethan says, “Is Micah chewing on your fingers?”  I respond, “yes, it makes his mouth feel better”.  Ethan replies, “That’s not okay with me.”

Also the other day, I overheard Ethan while he was playing with his toys.  He says to his lego horse, “I’m so sorry, horse.  You missed your opportunity.” 

He has also been heard to give his toys time outs when they don’t listen.  This usually happens to the toys I pick to play with: “I’m sorry, Mom. <click of his mouth> He can’t play right now.  He’s in a time out.”

I can totally hear myself….

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