Going to the Doctor

Last Sunday night, Ethan got very sick.  His voice sounded a little hoarse when he was on his way to bed that evening, but we thought that might have been because of all the shouting he did when he wrestled with Daddy.  Around 11 pm, Ethan was coughing so loudly and so often that we knew something was wrong.  He was moaning pitifully in between each of these hoarse, seal-like coughs.  I just held him while he cried and coughed; Mike called the doctor.  They recommended that we go to the ER right away, so we headed over there.  On the way, his coughing subsided and he was telling us he felt good and was being very charming.  We couldn’t go to the ER with him claiming to feel great and not coughing anymore.  So, we went home and made a follow up appointment for Monday morning.  As it turns out, he got croup.  =(  It can be pretty serious in younger children and we were told that that night was likely to be even worse.  We are SO thankful that that was not the case.  Ethan is progressively getting better and sounds pretty much back to normal now.  Micah caught a little bit of it, but he is handling it like a champ.

Ethan stats: 39 inches tall; 36.4 lbs

While we were at the doctor, our pediatrician did a 4 (er…4.5 or 5) month check up on Micah.  She rocks!!  She squeezed us in so that we didn’t need to come back the following week after we made an appointment. 

Micah stats: 2 feet and 2.75 inches tall; 16 lbs 1 oz  (he has officially doubled his birth weight)



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  1. Oh my word – Ethan is a BIG guy! Hana weighs 32lbs and is 38 in tall as of a cpl months ago. I love that he is such a big boy! :o)

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