Next Weekend

Next Saturday is the big day!  I am “running” in the Colfax 5k to benefit Friends for Youth (where I work and have worked for the last 5 years).  My getting-in-running-shape workout has consisted of about 3 actual runs, a few days of jump roping, and wrestling with my boys.  I am hoping my body is up for the challenge!!

Here’s the pretty girl with whom I am running (my dear friend, Kelsey):


And here’s the pretty girl for whom I am running (my mentee of 4 years, Meagen, who is graduating from high school in one week!!):


Friends for Youth is pretty cool and holds a special place in my heart.  We transform lives of youth (primarily in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems) through the gift of friendship….mentoring youth through friendship in the Spirit of Christ. 

If you want to watch a video of how lives are changed there, click on this link:

If you want to donate for the cause, click on this one:

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