Going potty (rated PG13)

Ethan is very interested in the movie, “Cars” lately.  (He saw part of it during one of our city groups at church.)  He is also now very interested in going potty on the potty chair.  Why?  How are these connected?  He gets to watch about 5 minutes of “Cars” when he goes potty.  We don’t just reward him for trying to go, because he would do that every two minutes.  As it is, he will work very hard to get the tiniest little something so that he can watch some of his show.

So here’s the funny story: Ethan is sitting on the potty and he says, “they’re talking to each other.” I ask, “who?” He says, “the poops. they’re talking to each other.”  I don’t really know what to say so I just clarify that I am hearing him correctly.  Yep, I am.  Then he says, “he stopped talking…ooh, here he comes!! he’s going to splash in the potty!”  Sure enough, “he” came and splashed in the potty.  Naturally, E had to get off the potty chair to see “him”.  Then he climbs back up to try some more.

He is very aware of when he has to go potty.  He just decides sometimes he wants to watch “Cars” or get another reward and sometimes he’d just rather go potty in his diaper.  And he tells us that.  “I’m going potty in my diaper.” “right now?” “yep.” “why??” “because I am.”

Here he is reading his potty book from Grandma Cleve (who also got him his potty and stool – without them, I don’t think we would be getting this far):


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