Mothers Day

I had such a nice Mothers Day.  I worked in the nursery at church, so we had to drive separately.  As I was saying goodbye to Ethan after church, he said, “Mommy we got you…” And then Mike’s hand covered his mouth.  He tried again, unsuccessfully.  When I got home, Ethan greeted me at the door with one of his books (“Mama, Do You Love Me?”) and told me that that was my first clue.  I went to the bookshelf and found some yummy chocolate with a hanger, my next clue.  So, we went to the closet, where I found the most amazing chocolate caramel cup (think peanut butter cup, but filled with delicious caramel instead).  One of his trucks was sitting next to it.  This was the part Ethan was most excited about – I went into his room and found beautiful flowers and a picture E had colored for me.  He helped to pick out the flowers, so he was pretty proud of them.  They got me tulips (one of my fav flowers) and three roses (one from each of my guys).  So special.


Mike and I have been blessed with wonderful moms.  Special shout out to them for raising us with such selfless love.  We appreciate and love you very, very much.



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