Happy Birthday!!!

June 1 marked Ethan’s 3rd birthday.  This meant a few things: 1) no more free for 2 and unders anymore (that’s okay though, because people always gave me a weird look when I told them he was only 2…he’s a big boy!) 2) no more diapers!!! (he woke up that morning and wore undies, and only undies, all day) and 3) our sweet baby is growing up.


He opened gifts from a Hana on skype.  He tried to show them what was in the package…  Oh, Lightning McQueen, how we love thee!


He also opened gifts from Grandma Cleve, Aunt Ashley and Great Grandma Alice on skype.  I had told Ethan that Grandma Cleve would probably sing, “Happy Birthday” when we got on skype, so he asked her right away if she would sing it for him. (this has become a pattern – he has asked a bunch of people to sing for him now)  The bike was, of course, a big hit.  He doesn’t actually like to put his feet on the pedals, but he was all about “checking the tires” since they were always, “broken”.  Aunt Ashley gave him a Lightning shirt – I love how he models it!


We like to try to keep birthdays pretty low-key, so when he woke up from his nap we had some green balloons and a present of play-doh and chalk.  We had lots of fun playing with both.  We haven’t been playing with Legos lately, so I’ve now taken to making cool things with play-doh. Haha!




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