Ethan graduated to undies on his 3rd birthday.  We had given him a lot of preparation that on his birthday we were saying goodbye to his diapers.  He’s been doing a pretty good job.  Today was our very first day without any accidents whatsoever!!!  I now believe that he is entirely internally motivated.  If he wants to do something, he’ll do it simply because he wants to, not because of any incentive.  For a while he was interested in watching 5 minutes of his “Cars” show.  Then he was interested earning back his cars that had been taken away (due to a lack of cleaning…which is now cured…).  Then he was into getting stickers for his chart.  And then he was interested in getting a candy.  A lot of times these have been afterthoughts.  And sometimes he seemed to be able to hold it and go multiple times in a very short span of time because he wanted another sticker or to watch more of his show.  But, if I ever tried to coax him to try to use the bathroom by offering one of these motivators…it simply did not work.  Today, he had no accidents and didn’t take stickers, candy or anything else.  He just did it because he wanted to, I guess.

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