June has been an incredibly busy month for the Cleve Crew.  Mike spent much of the month on the road – San Diego, Atlanta, London, Wash DC – which meant that I spent a lot of time with the boys.  While Mike was away in London, my parents came out to visit!  The trip was duel purpose – to give me a break from solo parenting and to witness the dedication of both of our boys.  It was wonderful to have them!  We really had a great time and I have plenty of pictures to post, so I’ll try to pare them down a bit.

Hanging out in and around the house: 


Splash park with our cousins (Ethan would spend time with them every single day if he could – they are so good to him and lots of fun with whom to play):


Dedication (the fourth picture is with our Pastor):


As you can tell, we packed lots of fun into their time here with us!

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